Rochester / Finger Lakes Film Commission

Giving Thanks

25 Nov

In between juggling location scouts and 2014 budget plans, watching weather reports for upcoming filmmaker visits and scheduling sales calls in NYC for December, planning for Sundance Film Festival and updating website listings, reporting activity and fielding calls; your Film Commission wanted to reflect on what we are thankful for this year.

We have the best job in town. Whether it was the web slinging wonder, swinging in to town for 10 days; or the endless calls from out of town producers looking for everything from crew to water trucks to complete their projects on time and within their budgets; we are thankful for having had the opportunity to be your first call.

We are especially thankful for our supporters, our Board of Directors and the teams at Monroe County and the City of Rochester that help us to make filmmaking seamless in this region.

We are thankful to our lawmakers, who have made it affordable for filmmakers to produce their projects all across NYS.

We are thankful for all of the regional film professionals, for doing what you do. Exit surveys all include an enthusiastic approval from out of town producers when we ask about their experience with crew and support services.

So on Thursday, when we sit down to the Thanksgiving feast with our loved ones, you can be sure that we will also be giving thanks to all of you!