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A Time for Thanks and Sharing

A Time for Thanks and Sharing
22 Nov

The Holidays are different now than they used to be. For many of us whose traditions were scuttled by the pandemic in 2020, the 2021 Holiday Season is one of reflection and rediscovery. Which traditions will return? Which ones will transform, and which will be lost forever? And what new traditions will find their footing, activities to bring us closer together growing out of a time we were forced to be apart?

As decisions are made and plans finalized, the logistics settled, focus naturally shifts to reflection on the people in our lives – what role they play, and what they mean to us. We look forward to exchanging laughs, sharing meals and savoring desserts, and exchanging stories of the year that was and plans for the year to come – the brighter times ahead, between now and when we’ll meet again.

It is in this spirit that we here at the Film Office find ourselves grateful for the support and collaboration of the film community in the greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region. The job of the Film Office is made easier by the experienced professionals we work with on a daily basis – professionals who support our initiatives and share our goals of enriching our region by driving the economic impact of production activity by increasing net production spending. These individuals and companies are always excited to share information about a new project or a fun shoot; they’re the first to refer an inquiry from outside of the area to the film office with a friendly call or email; and it’s the work they’re doing, the new equipment they just added to their inventory, or the truly mind-blowing locations they’ve found that we’re bragging about at industry events.

With Thanksgiving upon us, we want to express our sincere gratitude to those whose creativity and determination has helped them and helped our local production community as a whole to not only survive, but to prepare to thrive as we look to 2022 and beyond. We offer our deep and heartfelt appreciation for those whose consistent allegiance makes our job not only less difficult, but more fun.

Rochester Film Community – the Rochester/Finger Lakes Film Commission thanks you and wishes you a warm and happy Thanksgiving, and we look forward to renewing, nurturing, and growing those great relationships in the years to come.