Rochester / Finger Lakes Film Commission

What day is it? It’s hump day!

23 Oct

Sorry for the lapse in blog posts; we are unusually busy for this time of year. What are we doing? Well, I am glad that you asked that question.

Aside from the unending flow of calls from out of town producers who are considering shooting in the region, all needing information on support services, crew, locations, permits etc……we have also been scouting for some rather large feature productions.

There is a feature length documentary that will be here any day now. Karl spent quite a bit of time chasing down contacts at the locations and then taking the filmmakers on their scout.

We have been scouting the surrounding areas for another feature and we are cautiously optimistic that we will see them sometime in 2014. AND there are 2 more features that are “sure things” for 2014. (As much as ANY film is a “sure thing”).

Spent the day Monday with filmmakers who were here shooting a tourism piece, Tuesday at RIT for the discussion on the future of Video Gaming in NY, (particularly Upstate NY). Karl was at RIT later that day as he is every Tuesday with his Camera Assistant class.

Today we catch our breath as we head in to the end of the week. I am making a quick trip to NYC for the NY Production Alliance meeting; flying out of Buffalo and returning just after midnight to spend the night in Buffalo; and then attend a film related event at UB on Friday.

And that’s a wrap on another eventful week, as your Film Commission works to spread the word about the advantages of filming in Upstate NY.

Can’t wait to tell you about next week!