Rochester / Finger Lakes Film Commission

Busy times for ROC Film Commission

18 Jul

Wikipedia defines a film commission as: quasi-governmental, non-profit, public organizations that attract motion media production crews (including movies, TV and commercials) to shoot on location in their respective localities, and offer support so that productions can accomplish their work smoothly.

The Rochester/Finger Lakes Film & Video Office fits that description perfectly. We are an AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International) certified organization, staffed by an experienced and professionally trained team, which the State Film Office relies on to be the official representative to the film industry on behalf of Monroe County and the Finger Lakes communities.

Film professionals from all over the globe contact our office in search of information and assistance. Each call we receive is different from the previous call. Currently we are working with 5 feature film producers, a couple of documentaries, the never ending commercial projects; and with the US Open just around the corner, the phones are busy assisting the international media that will be in the region covering the action at Oak Hill Country Club.

Some readers will believe that Amazing Spiderman-2 put Rochester on the map as a film destination. Let me assure you that Rochester and the Finger Lakes regions have been on the radar of filmmakers for decades. The media coverage that surrounded Spidey was unavoidable. The majority of film productions that choose our region to star in their projects prefer to avoid the attention of the media.

This region has a very rich history in the film industry. Beginning with George Eastman, through the Kodak glory days and into the digital age, filmmakers have found this region to be the perfect setting for their film and video productions. Our diverse geography, easy affordable film permitting, beautiful downtown, americana towns and villages, the deep pool of experienced crew and the availability of production and post production support services all combine to make us one of the most film friendly regions in the country. When you factor in the NYS Film Incentive Program; it’s no wonder our phones are always ringing.