Rochester / Finger Lakes Film Commission

Of Course You Call The Film Commission First!

Of Course You Call The Film Commission First!
06 Jan

Question: Why You Should Work With A Film Commission?

Answer: If you need assistance in securing detailed information about a location including local crew and talent; equipment; permits; public property; hard and soft incentives; government liaisons; research and referral; and more. That’s why.

Films Commissions provide their services to production companies free of charge. Our job is to make your job easier!

Question: How Do I Work With A Film Commission?

Answer 1: We’re here to make your job easier; to help to make your production run as seamlessly as possible.If you are a filmmaker considering a region for your production, your very first call should be to the Film Commission. Even if you live and work in that region!

Answer 2: If you are a film professional, or production service provider who lives and works in the region, keep the Film Commission updated on what you have been working on, as well as any new services or equipment that you have to offer.

Nora Brown
Film Commissioner
Rochester/Finger Lakes Region