Rochester / Finger Lakes Film Commission

Can you Imagine?

11 Feb

I had the craziest dream last night. I was speaking to a group of producers and location scouts….I was really pouring on the drama.

Here’s how I remember the dream.

“Imagine a region with locations that are exactly the way you envision for your film. Imagine that they are affordable and film friendly.
Imagine low-cost permits and seamless street closures.

Imagine a strong infrastructure, multiple qualified production facilities and abundant support services. Imagine a deep pool of experienced and energetic crew.

Imagine a 30% rebate on below the line production spending with an extra 10% on below the line labor. Can you imagine if all of this could be found in one amazing city?

Now, close your eyes and picture your next shoot in the Rochester/Finger Lakes Region of New York State.”

We have been shooting films here since George Eastman and Thomas Edison invented the film industry.

It’s all right here! What are you waiting for?